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Where Two Goodbye dried against their Be Never More Some Is Us Like Lonely She Here Gone Much Without Again Come Better Nothing Just And Yesterday By Than Feeling Away Dirty Your Has Eyes Someone Not Things When Fool Down Get Only Were Comes Out Born Alone That Look Baby Inside Always Lies Everything Pretty There Once Something Tomorrow Make But So Woman Enough Will Keep For Through Was To Got Blues At Why Take Bad Please Together Now Hate Kind Crazy It Daddy Goes Many From Our Yourself Kill Those Right Have Dreams Loves Wrong Could Everybody Loving Stay Did Stranger Know Him Then Alive
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1 Never 85%
2 More 85%
3 Some 85%
4 Is 85%
5 Us 85%
6 Like 84%
7 Lonely 84%
8 She 84%
9 Goodbye 84%
10 Here 84%


1 キリスト
2 リア充
3 そっくり
4 www
5 白目
6 イライラ
7 聖徳太子
8 判断
9 軽率
10 クロちゃん