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Youre Bring Love you Soul Wings Perfect Too Everything through Way Tears bye against Wonder In Away Eyes Not Where Alive More Forever Hope Two lyrics Your Baby with me moment Place Against Great Of Again dreams Whats Young away Once heard Together Tell Tonight His Cant End Catch Fly Water Come Girl Stop Right Still Crazy Only Born Beautiful Around Tomorrow Things Call Walk Into Have Another Feel Lonely Never Something Keep Dancing Hard Alone Sing About Here McCartney Rise Make Lennon Fall Face She Got Thing Before Off Now And Better Close Break Hero Step Memories Dreams Going Over Talk Cry Easy Eternal Like Sweet When Miracle There Inside Mind Kill Was True Down Friend Cool Goes Lucky Sugar Paradise Deep Look Hour Change They Journey For You Theme To Lights With Get Butterfly Shake Shot Believe Why Living
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1 Everything 81%
2 Still 81%
3 Crazy 80%
4 Only 80%
5 Born 80%
6 Away 80%
7 Beautiful 79%
8 Too 79%
9 Around 79%
10 Tomorrow 79%


1 キリスト
2 アラサー
3 判断
4 尊敬
5 さんま
6 天才
7 イライラ
8 侵略
9 プレゼン
10 会話